Reserved Puppy List

Bandy and Koa

1.  Breeder - Girl

2.  Cindy - Girl

3.  Virginia - Girl

4.  Sue M - Girl

​5.  Joowon - Girl

6.  Carol - Boy

7.  Ed

8. Susan H

Reserved Puppy List

Kitty and Breaker

Reserved Puppy List

Harley and Breaker

1. Breeder choice

2. Suzanne

Some of Carmels and Breakers puppies

Some of Bandy and Breakers puppies

*If for any reason something changes and you cannot keep/provide and/or care for your puppy any longer, we will more than gladly take them back & re-home them for you!"


Visitation Policy
We invite those who have a confirmed reservation to come visit. Because of safety and health measures, our home is not open to the public for visits. Thank you for respecting the policy we have set forth to ensure the health and safety of our puppies.

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Kitty and Harley should be Honeymooning with Breaker in late or early fall. 

​​​Bandy and Koa are expecting puppies around August 21.

Reservations list closed


Darlin Doodles, Mini Austrailian Labradoodle

Rosie Rocket